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Flat optics


The experience of our workforce, availability of a sophisticated machinery base and in-house-developed innovative techniques enable us to offer flat optical products polished to a surface finish that meets the highest requirements of laser technology.

We can provide high-grade plano-optical components of up to 800 mm edge length. In order to prevent misunderstandings caused by unclear or incomplete specifications, the following aspects should be noted. The quality of a polished surface is determined by two mutually independent criteria:

* Firstly, the freedom from surface faults as specified under DIN-ISO 10110-7.
* Secondly, a value for the planarity of a surface, which specifies the amount of registration error according to DIN-ISO 10110-5 (PV or RMS value).

Of major importance is a value for permissible wavefront deformation with optical windows, because it takes into account the influence of both glass faces involved, thus rendering an indication of the planarity of the two faces and their mutual parallelism obsolete. In this case, window thickness is solely dictated by mechanical criteria and tolerances can be selected with correspondingly broadened values. Wavefront deformation also occurs with wedge plates and prisms in a similar fashion.

Upon request, required coatings can be applied to plano-optical components.

Basically, flat optics can be manufactured from all types of glass that are listed in the two catalogs: “SCHOTT Optical Glass” and “SCHOTT Optical Glass Filters” as well as quartz glass types from SCHOTT AG, Heraeus, SCHOTT BOROFLOAT®, SCHOTT Zerodur®, DESAG B 270 and equivalent materials of other manufacturers. Even crystalline materials can be processed (with some exceptions).

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