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Our nomination for the Best of Industry Award 2023

HELLMA is proud to be among the nominees in the category "SENSORS" with its "XP-NIR smart sensor” 

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The background: Today more than ever, the industry needs innovation and new approaches to meet the challenges of the present and the future. But which solutions and innovations in the industry stand out from the crowd and offer real added value? The “Best of Industry Award” has been answering this question since 2016 - and selects the best of the best every year. The award is one of the most recognized German industry prizes and is awarded in 24 different categories.

What makes the "XP-NIR smart sensor" innovative?
The XP-NIR smart sensor from Hellma Solutions represents a milestone in optical spectroscopy and sets new standards in process analytics. Being a 3-in-1 solution, the sensor combines an optical process probe, a spectrometer, and the evaluation unit in just one compact housing. The sensor is used directly at the measuring point and converts optical signals into digital signals. The optical spectrum generated offers more comprehensive and efficient possibilities to solve process analytical tasks in real time. Through in-process analysis with immediately usable results, efficiency, product quality and safety can be increased and scrap rates significantly reduced.

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